terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009

Hossam Ramzy - Dança do Ventre Vol. 1 Claudia Cenci

Claudia Cenci is now one of the biggest names in the belly dance in the country. In this album, the artist presents a selection of songs to practice the dance of the womb, carefully chosen from the work of the best in the genre: Hossam Ramzy - known worldwide as "The Egyptian Ambassador of Rhythm" and "The Sultan of Swing", Mostafa Sax and Emad Sayyah - the Master of Lebanon. it is worth giving.

Musicas/Track Listings:

01 - Sehrn Oyounik (A magia de teus olhos)
02 - Bammot Feeki (Te adoro)
03 - Sahara Groove
04 - Brazilian Pearls
05 - From Cairo to São Paulo
06 - West Naima
07 - Raqs El-Khail
08 - Boukra Ya Habibi
09 - Hizzi Dalli Hizzi
10 - Mohammed Rayeh Masr
11 - Raksat Loubnan
12 - Sultan Ghalbi
13 - Tirialli

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